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3-5 hours

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Daily Tour

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Experience the ultimate thrill and luxury with our Private Speed Boat Tour in the stunning waters of the Red Sea. Embark on a journey of discovery, where every moment is tailored to your desires, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Step aboard your exclusive speed boat and be greeted by our experienced captain and guide, who will ensure your safety and comfort throughout the excursion. As the engine roars to life, feel the excitement building as you set off on a personalized adventure along the pristine coastline of the Red Sea. Tailor your experience to suit your preferences. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-fueled water sports, tranquil beach relaxation, or a combination of both, our private speed boat tour can be customized to fulfill your every desire.

Small Speed Boat 1-4 people 115€
Medium Speed Boat 1-6 people 160€
Large Speed Boat 1-8 people 240€


  • Private speedboat rental with experienced captain and guide.
  • Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins).
  • Refreshments (water, soft drinks) and light snacks onboard.
  • Fuel charges and marina fees.
  • Gratuities for captain and guide (recommended but optional).
  • Additional activities or services not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Personal expenses such as souvenirs or extra food and drinks.
  • Some additional charges for certain islands.
  • Photo/Video on the excursion.


Pickup: Your private speed boat tour begins with a pickup from your hotel in Hurghada.

Departure: Head to the marina and board your sleek speed boat with your private guide and captain.

Island Exploration : Depending on your preference, you can choose to visit a nearby secluded island. Step ashore and discover pristine beaches, tranquil lagoons, and natural wonders. Take a refreshing swim, stroll along the shore, or simply unwind in paradise. Escape the crowds and discover hidden gems along the coastline. Your private speed boat allows access to secluded beaches and coves, where you can relax on pristine sands, soak up the sun, and enjoy the serenity of your surroundings.

Return: Arrive back at the marina and disembark from your private speed boat.

Drop-off: Conclude your unforgettable day with a drop-off back at your hotel, where you can reminisce about your adventure in Hurghada.

Pandora Island Egypt: Discover Utopia in the Red Sea

In the midst of the mysterious blue waters of the Red Sea lies Pandora Island, a hidden gem waiting to be explored. With its crystal-clear waters, expansive beaches of fine sand, and lush vegetation, Pandora Island invites you to step into paradise.Pandora is a sanctuary of nature, where vibrant marine life finds its home in the stunning coral reefs. As you stroll along the beach, you can admire the spectacle of natural beauty that surrounds you or explore the underwater realm of the island through snorkeling or diving.Whether you're relaxing on the seaside, enjoying a walk on the fine sand, or venturing into the depths of the ocean, Pandora Island Egypt promises a memorable getaway in the heart of the Red Sea.

Paradise Island Hurghada: Your Idyllic Escape in the Red Sea

Nestled just off the coast of Hurghada lies Paradise Island, a haven of tranquility and natural beauty. With its powdery white sands, crystal-clear waters, and swaying palm trees, Paradise Island offers a slice of paradise for travelers seeking relaxation and adventure alike.

Eden Island Hurghada: A Paradise Retreat

Nestled amidst the azure waters of the Red Sea, Eden Island in Hurghada is a haven of serenity and luxury. With its idyllic setting, lush landscapes, and world-class amenities, it offers a truly unforgettable escape for discerning travelers.Eden Island Hurghada epitomizes the epitome of luxury island living. Surrounded by pristine beaches and swaying palm trees, this exclusive enclave exudes an air of tranquility and sophistication. From upscale resorts and private villas to chic beach clubs and gourmet restaurants, every corner of Eden Island is designed to indulge the senses and elevate the holiday experience.

Orange Bay Hurghada: A Tropical Oasis in the Red Sea

Nestled amidst the azure waters of the Red Sea, Orange Bay is a captivating slice of paradise located near Hurghada, Egypt. This idyllic island getaway is renowned for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs, offering visitors a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.Orange Bay beckons with its powdery white sand beaches fringed by swaying palm trees, creating a postcard-perfect setting for relaxation and adventure. Whether you're lounging under the sun, snorkeling among colorful marine life, or indulging in water sports activities, Orange Bay promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Mahmya Island Hurghada: A Paradise Retreat in the Red Sea

Nestled amidst the azure waters of the Red Sea, Mahmya Island is a picturesque sanctuary offering an escape from the ordinary. With its pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and lush greenery, Mahmya Island promises a tranquil haven for travelers seeking relaxation and adventure.

Megawish Island Hurghada: A Hidden Gem of Tranquility

Tucked away in the Red Sea near Hurghada, Megawish Island is a serene oasis offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With its untouched natural beauty, pristine beaches, and tranquil atmosphere, Megawish Island is the perfect destination for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.


3 - 5 hours

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From: € 115,00
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