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Embark on an unforgettable dive adventure to explore the intriguing wreckage of the Salem Express in Safaga. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea and descend to the depths where this sunken vessel lies, adorned with marine life and history. Led by experienced dive instructors, you’ll navigate the remnants of the Salem Express, witnessing firsthand the mesmerizing blend of nature and wreckage beneath the waves.
After an exhilarating dive, indulge in a delectable lunch served on board the dive boat, surrounded by panoramic views of the Red Sea’s azure waters while you prepare for your second dive.Replenish your energy while reliving the highlights of your underwater exploration.

With 2 dives one of which being the wreck dive and a sumptuous lunch included, this tour offers the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or embarking on your first wreck dive, the Salem Express promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you with lasting memories of the Red Sea’s captivating beauty.

Adult Price 90 €
Children Price 90 €
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  • Pickup and drop-off from your hotel in Hurghada.
  • Boat transportation to the wreck dive site.
  • Professional dive instructor/guide.
  • Safety briefing and instructions on wreck diving procedures.
  • Guided wreck dive experience, exploring the sunken ship or wreckage.
  • Opportunity to observe marine life and underwater scenery around the wreck.
  • Surface interval with light refreshments as well as lunch provided on the dive boat.
  • Debriefing session and discussion about the dive experience with the instructor.
  • Return transfer to your hotel in Hurghada.
  • Personal dive gear (such as dive computers, underwater cameras, or dive lights) unless otherwise specified.
  • Gratuities for the dive instructor/guide (optional).
  • Additional dives or dive excursions not included in the package.
  • Any additional activities or services not mentioned in the tour description.


Morning Pickup: Your dive adventure begins with a pickup from your hotel in Hurghada in the morning.
Transfer to Dive Center: Enjoy a comfortable transfer to the dive center where you will meet your professional dive instructor/guide.
Equipment Setup: Get geared up with all necessary scuba diving equipment, including tanks, regulators, BCDs, and wetsuits. Your instructor will ensure everything is properly fitted and ready for your dive.
Safety Briefing: Receive a comprehensive safety briefing from your instructor, covering dive procedures, hand signals, and safety protocols specific to wreck diving.
Boat Ride to Salem Express: Board the dive boat and embark on a scenic boat ride to the Salem Express wreck dive site, located off the coast of Hurghada.
Wreck Dive at Salem Express: Descend beneath the waves and explore the wreckage of the Salem Express, a tragic shipwreck resting on the seabed. Marvel at the marine life that now calls the wreck home and uncover the history of this sunken vessel.
Lunch: After your exhilarating dive, enjoy a delicious lunch served on board the dive boat. Replenish your energy with a satisfying meal while soaking in the stunning views of the Red Sea.
Second Dive - Reef Dive: Explore another captivating dive site in the area, such as a vibrant coral reef teeming with marine life. Dive alongside colorful fish, coral formations, and other underwater wonders.

Debriefing and Discussion: After the dives, participate in a debriefing session with your dive instructor/guide. Share your experiences and observations from the dives.

Return Transfer: After lunch, relax and enjoy the scenic boat ride back to the dive center. Your instructor will assist you with gear storage and logistics as you prepare to return to your hotel.
Drop-off: Upon arrival back at the dive center, bid farewell to your instructor and fellow divers before being transferred back to your hotel in Hurghada.
Experience the thrill of wreck diving at Salem Express and savor a memorable lunch on board as you explore the underwater wonders of the Red Sea!


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From: € 90,00
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  • Diving Computer(€ 15,00)
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